Where to Get Pure 5-HTP

pure 5 htpNowadays, people are more conscious about their health than ever before. They want to use alternative options in order to get rid of many common disorders. 5-HTP has been getting a lot of attention from people as this chemical is found to be helpful in weight reduction and many nervous system related diseases such as tension, insomnia, obesity, mood changes, etc. Doctors recommend pure 5-HTP supplement, but is 5 htp safe or not, let’s find out.

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP is an amino acid that is produced naturally within our body. The key function of this chemical is to produce Serotonin.

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5-HTP gives immense benefits by increasing Serotonin levels in our body. Serotonin levels enhance a positive mood in individuals and also help in relaxation and sleep.

Various stress related disorders such as depression, migraines, addictive behavior, and obesity are all linked with Serotonin levels in our body. 5-HTP works by naturally increasing Serotonin levels in the body that in turn helps people maintain a stable mood and a healthy weight.

As we live in an environment which is full of tension, stress and pressure, our Serotonin levels lower naturally and can’t be replenished with food. It is therefore, important to take 5-HTP supplements, in order to bring Serotonin levels within a normal range.

Is 5-HTP Safe?

5-HTP is totally safe to use as it is a natural compound already present in the body. Even though it has no side effects, care should be taken when using it with other anti-depressants or medicines. If pregnant or already taking some treatment, it is best to seek medical advice before starting 5-HTP supplement.

Pure 5-HTP Supplement

is 5 htp safeIf you are looking for a 5-HTP supplement, make sure that you buy pure 5-HTP. Pure 5-HTP can be found in Griffonia Simplicifolia, which is a plant found in Africa. Always look for Griffonia Simplicifolia extract when searching for pure 5-HTP supplement. Also make sure that there are no additional additives, binders or fillers that may intervene with 5-HTP absorption. Always choose a credible brand that will give you complete dosage of 5-HTP without any harmful effects.



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Why do I need 5-HTP supplement?

Why do you need a 5-HTP supplement if you can get it from the food you eat? The answer is very simple. We need an exact dose of 150mg daily in order for the 5-HTP to work. Foods may be rich in 5-HTP but they can certainly not provide the exact dose that we need for ultimate 5-HTP benefits. Pure htp is present in a supplement called 5-HTP Max. 5-HTP Max is made from pure Griffonia Simplicifolia extract and gives us the extract in 150 mg dose that we need. Anne says:

“Tension headaches were part of my life. My friend suggested 5-HTP Max, and it has reduced by headaches significantly. Hats off”

5-HTP Max contains capsules which are 50 mg in strength. We need to take 3 capsules daily in order to fill in the 150mg daily intake.

Where can I get 5-HTP Max?

5-HTP max can be easily purchased from its official website. Order this product online and it will be shipped directly at your doorstep. A bottle of 5-HTP Max with 90 capsules costs $39.95. Dorothy says:

“This product does work. I am able to maintain a stable mood after using this supplement. Also, the shipping of this product was on time, which is quite impressive.”

 Verdict for 5-HTP max

When it comes to pure 5htp, there is no supplement that is as good as 5-HTP Max. This supplement provides the purest form of 5htp within the proper dosage. As this product is free from additives and harmful ingredients, you do not need to ask if 5-HTP is safe or not? It is completely safe and gives amazing health benefits.



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