5 Htp Supplement- Increase Serotonin Safely!

5 htp supplement5-htp is an amino acid that was isolated in early 1950. The component extracted from an African shrub- is studied by scientists as a perfect appetite suppressant.

Currently in 2013, 5 htp supplements are giving other natural supplements a run for their money. Providing a perfect solution to our high-carb, stressful lives, 5htp supplements have turned into a new rage.

How does 5-htp Carrying Supplements Work?

5htp is an immediate precursor of serotonin. So, as the user takes these supplements, a healthy amount of 5htp is released in the blood, which reaches the brain, passing blood-brain barrier (BBB).

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Htp 5

BBB is actually a barrier between blood and the extracellular fluid. Because 5-htp has a unique composition, it’s the only tryptophan form which can cross this barrier. Once 5htp reaches Central Nervous System, it de-carboxylates there (shedding a carboxyl group and releasing CO2 as a by-product) and converts into serotonin.

High levels of serotonin improve mood, lift anxiety, treat depression and above all help to control binge eating- a core issue faced by obese people.

Why to Prefer 5-HTP over Serotonin and Tryptophan?

There are three ways available to the users to raise serotonin levels using a supplement.

1.     Tryptophan

2.     Taking Serotonin directly

3.     5-htp supplements

The first and second options on the list mostly have the same major problem, and that is they can’t cross the BBB barrier. Also, with tryptophan supplements, they first need to be converted into 5-htp. This conversion isn’t exactly ideal. Tryptophan requires different enzymes and genes like TPH I and TPH II to catalyze the transformation.

In any individual with a deficiency of the required enzyme Protein Kinase A or a less supportive gene structure, taking benefits from tryptophan supplements isn’t possible because not enough of tryptophan is converted into htp 5.

5 htp supplementsTaking serotonin directly also isn’t ideal. This neurotransmitter, when taken directly is absorbed by the gut and released into the blood stream. Although one may argue that this is better, serotonin generated in the brain helps to navigate body reactions much better than the one transported directly to skin, gut and pineal gland.  TPH1 expresses serotonin in these regions.

TPH 2 exclusively expresses serotonin in neuronal cells of CNS and the effects produced by TPH2 are much more profound then TPH1 alone. TPH2 can only be engaged by 5-htp as it can cross the brain barrier.

How to identify the Best 5htp Supplement?

Following are the indicators of a supreme quality 5-htp supplement as pointed out by our most favorite TV doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz.


 Natural 5HTP from Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds.

  •  50 mg of 5HTP, prescribed thrice a day
  •  Manufacturers belonging to a country with strict quality control guidelines.
  •  No hidden proprietary ingredients
  •  Free from impurity like L-tryptophan

Working exactly on the above guidelines, I have finally found a 5htp supplement that has a wide customer base and is not a scam. The supplement is being offered by the popular RDK pharmaceuticals- a Texas based company and is named as 5HTP MAX.


According to most of the testimonials, 5-Htp Max is safe, and effective. It has helped most people to lose 3-5Ibs in a week.


The product’s label is easily available on the website. You can discuss it with your physician before ordering; even after order, if you are not satisfied with the results, customers can return the product availing 60-days money back policy.


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Precautions While Taking 5htp:

5-htp is a neurological supplement, so there are a few precautions you need to take care of before and while using the supplement.

- Avoid using for more than 18 weeks

- Don’t use with other SSRI drugs

- Start with low 50 mg dose and then increase

- Give breaks of two days every third week


These actions can help you to change your life story and look smart.  Keep in mind the above precautions and buy good quality 5htp supplement.



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