5 HTP Reviews- Nothing but the Truth!

5-HTP MaxIf your body requires more of something it naturally produces, where will you get it from? Yes. From a supplement! These 5 HTP reviews will show you exactly where to buy this extraordinary product.

The human body produces thousands of chemicals which are required for normal body functioning; however there are some which, are required by the body in greater amounts than produced. One such naturally occurring chemical is 5 HTP.

What is 5 HTP?

5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a compound produced in the body with multiple uses. It’s an immediate precursor to the neurotransmitter- serotonin. Serotonin plays an important part in controlling learning, mood, sleep and constriction of blood vessels.

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Experts say serotonin, which is produced by 5HTP, also has a role in anxiety, vomiting and appetite.  You will see in our 5 HTP reviews how this works.

How does it Work?

These supplements work simply and naturally by releasing 5-htp into the blood stream when dissolved.  Because 5 htp has a unique construct, it’s the only form of tryptophan that can actually cross blood-brain-barrier (BBB).

Once 5 htp reaches the nerve fibers of brain, it de-carbolyzes and releases CO2 which then turns into serotonin. More of 5 htp enters the brain and more is turned into serotonin- increasing its level and bringing about desired effects.


5 HTP Reviews Uses:

5 HTP is not a pharmaceutical Compound. It’s an organic, all-natural component that also exists in some percentage in our bodies. Extracted from Griffonia Simplicifolia- a shrub in Africa, 5 htp has the following uses.

  • Depression- 5 htp is an excellent natural anti-depressant which works like the SSRI drug Prozac
  • Weight Loss- Higher serotonin levels caused by 5HTP help to suppress appetite and cut high caloric intake.
  • Insomnia- 5 htp helps in treatment of insomnia. Taken 30 minutes before sleep, it can help to produce melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone).
  • Migraines- It’s a strong nerve relaxant and anti-depressant, so naturally works for migraines too.

Clinical Evidence for 5 HTP as a weight loss aid

What is 5 htpSeveral studies have been conducted on 5-HTP reviews to prove its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement. All studies confirmed it extremely capable.

For example; in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders in 1998, 20 overweight adults with type 2 diabetes were studied with 5 HTP and placebo in comparison. It was found that 5 HTP considerably decreased daily intake of calories and reduced body weight in overweight adults.


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5 htp reviews

5 HTP Dosage

Recommended 5 HTP dosages vary widely, ranging from 50 to 500 mg a day. The best course of action is to start with a very low dosage and increase it slowly.

If you are coming off of another anti-depressant, you will want to slowly wean yourself off your prescribed anti-depressant and start with the 50 mg per day amount.  Sometimes you can get too much serotonin and it could become toxic and very high amounts.  If you notice any side-effects  that are really concerning, you will need to talk to your doctor.  Some people have noticed some tingling in their body at high amounts of serotonin.

5 HTP is a neurological supplement, so be sure to talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist before adding it to your 5 HTP weight loss regime.

Side Effects

No major side effects have been reported by the use of 5 HTP till date. 5 HTP is a serotonin enhancer like many other anti-depressants. If you are currently taking antidepressants you should not take 5 HTP without speaking to your doctor first.


User’s Experiences


5 htp is a well-received product and the 5htp reviews have been extremely positive and filled with gratitude. Here are just a few of the millions of 5 htp reviews.


“I LOVE this supplement!!! I had heard about it as something to help with migraine headaches due to the effect it has on serotonin, which is a main aspect of migraine headaches. To my extreme surprise and joy, I have not had to take ANY migraine medication since taking 5 HTP!!!”


                                                                                                – WebMD


“I was on a low-carb diet but I still miss carbs! The cravings can get intense sometimes. A single one of these capsules can put an almost immediate end to my carb cravings.  I used to have horrible night munchies but I rarely eat after 8pm these days. I take one of these around 5pm and it gets me through the night…”

                                                                                      – Amazon User



Clinical studies and user experiences suggest that not only is 5 HTP safe to use but also very effective in treating the conditions mentioned in this article. Being a natural ingredient, 5 HTP has been found to be better than other supplements. Despite minor 5 htp side-effects it would be unjust not to say that the compound is a wonder weight loss solution that should be used worry-free.

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